Monday, January 23, 2006

This is long, but fun stuff for horror movie fans. Vote early and vote often! Please note that my buddy Steve Bissette is nominated in the Best DVD Extra category for his contribution to the Danger Diabolik DVD.

I love knowing famous people.

Hello cultists.  Here is the official ballot for the Fourth Annual
Rondo Hatton Classic Horror awards, recognizing the best in monster
research, creativity and genre appreciation.

These awards are by fans, for fans. So please take a look at the ballot
and let the nominees below know how much we appreciate their work by

Here's how to vote:

-- All voting is by email. Simply send an email with your picks to me
(David Colton), at by Feb. 18, 2006.

-- Voting will end at midnight, Feb. 18. Winners will be announced the
following night (Sunday, Feb. 19), at the Classic Horror Film Board or

-- Write-ins are accepted. Please note we discourage any organized
voting efforts, such as multiple blind votes.

-- Every email must include your name to help prevent organized voting

-- All votes are kept strictly confidential. No email addresses or any
personal information will ever be shared with anyone.

-- Winners will receive Rondo statuettes sculpted by Kerry Gammill
(, and cast by Tim M. Lindsey (

TO VOTE: E-mail your selections from the ballot below to David Colton

A tip: Some people simply type their selections into an open email;
others cut and paste each winner. The simplest way is to cut and paste
the entire ballot and add check-marks or put winners in bold.

Another tip: The ballot is much easier to read at the Rondo website -- -- but whichever ballot you use, thank you for
participating. Every pro and fan below will really appreciate it!

And now, here is the official ballot, honoring work in 2005:


1. Best Genre Movie of 2005

-- Batman Begins
-- Brothers Grimm
-- Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
-- Chronicles of Narnia: The Wardrobe, the Witch and the Lion
-- Corpse Bride
-- Cursed
-- Devil's Rejects
-- Exorcism of Emily Rose
-- Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
-- High Tension
-- House of Wax
-- King Kong
-- Land of the Dead
-- Saw 2
-- Serenity
-- Sin City
-- Star Wars III Revenge of the Sith
-- War of the Worlds (Spielberg)
-- Or write in another choice:

2. Best TV Presentation of 2005

-- Animal Planet: 'King Kong.' 12/11/05. Documentary on the misty
origins of Kong and other gorillas.

-- Battlestar Galactica: '33.' SciFi Channel, 1/14/05. Fleet must jump
into hyperspace every 33 minutes to avoid Cylon attack.

-- Carnivale: 'Lincoln Highway.' HBO, 3.6.05. Mystic forces choose
sides as the troubled troupe arrives in Wyoming.

-- Enterprise: 'In a Mirror, Darkly' UPN, (two parts, 4/22 and
4/29/05). Echoing the alternate world of original Star Trek, a warlike
Enterprise crew battles to dominate space.

-- The 4400: 'Life Interrupted.' USA, 7/17/05. Tom is thrown into a
parallel universe where no one has heard of the returnees.

-- 'I'm King Kong: The Exploits of Merian C. Cooper.' TCM, 11/22/05.
Documentary on the man behind the giant ape.

-- Lost: 'The Other 48 Days.' ABC, 11/16/05. Rapid-fire vignettes trace
the harrowing tale of a new set of survivors.

-- Masters of Horror: 'Homecoming.' Showtime, 12/2/05. Slain U.S.
soldiers from Iraq rise from their coffins to confront those who sent
them to war. Joe Dante directed.

-- Masters of Horror: 'Dreams in the Witch-House.' Showtime, 11/4/05.
Stuart Gordon adapts H.P. Lovecraft's chiller about forbidden books and

-- 'Midnight Movies: From the Margin to the Mainstream.' Encore,
8/5/05. Documentary looks at cult films that sparked the midnight movie
craze of the 70s.

-- 'Watch the Skies.' TCM, 7/5/05. Documentary examines how 1950s
science fiction films reflected nervous times.

-- Or write in another choice:

3. Best Classic Horror DVD

-- Adventures of Superman Season One
-- Bela Lugosi Collection (Murders in the Rue Morgue, The Black Cat,
The Raven, Invisible Ray, Black Friday)
-- Cat and the Canary (1927)
-- Danger: Diabolik
-- Defa Science Fiction Collection
-- Hammer Horror Collection (Brides of Dracula, Curse of the Werewolf,
Evil of Frankenstein, five more)
-- Hitchcock Season One
-- The Innocents
-- King Kong (1933) set, including Son Of Kong, Mighty Joe Young
-- Man With Nine Lives (Karloff)
-- The Mysterians and Matango (Attack of the Mushroom People)
-- Quatermass (BBC shows)
-- Twilight Zone Vols. 2-5
-- Val Lewton Collection (Cat People, Walked with a Zombie, etc.)
-- War of the Worlds (1953)
-- Or write in another choice:

4. Best Restoration of a Classic Film

-- THE BIRD WITH THE CRYSTAL PLUMAGE (1970): Complete in U.S. for first
time, mastered from original negative.
-- CAT AND THE CANARY (1927) Cleaner print; slightly different take of
the necklace-snatching.
-- FRANKENSTEIN'S BLOODY TERROR: Widescreen and first 10 minutes
restored in English.
-- KING KONG (1933) Film restored from best available elements;
censored scenes no longer dark.
-- UGETSU: Dazzling print of classic Japanese ghost story.
-- WIZARD OF OZ: Million-dollar digital Technicolor restoration.
-- Or write in another choice:

5. Best DVD Extra

-- CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST: Includes version without animal cruelty.
-- DANGER: DIABOLIK: Featurette, "Diabolik from Fumetti to Film' by
Steve Bissette.
-- FLESH EATERS: Missing footage uncovered.
-- FRANKENSTEIN'S BLOODY TERROR: Paul Naschy interview (with English
-- KING KONG (1933) Peter Jackson's crew uses stop-motion to recreate
the lost spider scene.
-- MUNSTERS SECOND SEASON: Documentary, 'First Family of Fright.'
-- MYSTERIANS: Includes original storyboards.
-- RAY HARRYHAUSEN: THE EARLY YEARS. Completed 'Tortoise and the Hare,'
unfinished since 1952.
-- STAR TREK: FIRST CONTACT: Tribute to composer Jerry Goldsmith.
-- VAL LEWTON COLLECTION: Documentary, 'Shadows in the Dark: The Val
Lewton Legacy.'
--Or write in another choice:

6. Best DVD Commentary (New category)

-- Rudy Behlmer: Chang (Cooper/Schoedsack film)
-- Bob Burns, Joe Dante and Bill Warren: 1953 War of the Worlds.
-- David Cronenberg: The Fly (1986)
-- Ray Harryhausen, Terry Moore, Ken Ralston: Mighty Joe Young (1949)
-- Steve Haberman: Seventh Victim; The Body Snatcher (with Robert Wise)
-- John Philip Law, Tim Lucas: Danger: Diabolik
-- Gregory Mank: Cat People, Curse of the Cat People
-- Kim Newman, Steve Jones: I Walked with a Zombie
-- Tom Weaver: Bedlam

7. Best Independent Production on DVD

-- CALL OF CTHULHU: A new silent film in the style of the 1920s,
produced by the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society.

-- DEADLY SPAWN: Deluxe edition of 22-year-old independent includes

and Lee, this reissued documentary includes complete home movies from
set of Dracula: Prince of Darkness.

-- HILARIOUS HOUSE OF FRIGHTENSTEIN. Four episodes of 1970s Canadian
horror variety spoof, narrated by Vincent Price.

-- MONSTER KID HOME MOVIES. Collection of 30 nostalgic 8mm films made
when fans were young. Filmmakers include Bob Burns, Frank Dietz, Kerry
Gammill, Bob Tinnell, Tom Weaver, Joe Busam and Richard Olsen.

-- RAY HARRYHAUSEN: THE EARLY YEARS. Compiles his short Puppetoons,
test reels and projects.

-- SILVER SCREAM: A musical sendup of King Kong, the Exorcist, Psycho
and more.

-- ZACHERLEY ARCHIVES: Rare TV shows from the 1950s; the DVD version
includes hours of extras, including Zach going through his 'stuff.'

-- Or write in another choice:

8. Best Book of 2005

-- The Astounding B-Monster, by Marty Baumann. Collects best of this
very influential website.

-- Beasts in the Cellar: The Exploitation Film Career of Tony Tenser,
by John Hamilton. Looks at the influence of English horror producer.

-- Beating the Devil: The Making of Night of the Demon, by Tony
Earnshaw. Examines the true story behind the different versions of
Curse of the Demon.

-- Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th, by
Peter M. Bracke. Every film and Jason examined in depth.

-- Earth vs. The Sci-Fi Filmmakers, by Tom Weaver. Latest collection of
interviews includes Donnie Dunagan, Peter Graves and more.

-- The Films of Fay Wray, by Roy Kinnard and Tony Crnkovich. The first
scream queen's filmography was more than horror.

-- Icons of Grief: Val Lewton's Home Front Pictures, by Alexander
Nemerov. How his horror films in the 40s mirrored the isolation and
fear of a society at war.

-- Italian Horror, by Jim Harper. An A to Z look at the great wave of
Italian horror from 1979 to 1994.

-- Italian Horror Film Directors, by Louis Paul. A knowledgeable look
at Argento, Bava, Fulci and many more.

-- Kenneth Strickfaden, Dr. Frankenstein's Electrician, by Harry
Goldman. An eye-opening look at a true electrical wizard behind the
machines in the lab.

-- King Kong Cometh, edited by Paul A. Woods. Collection of Kong
essays, production documents and rare photos.

-- Living Dangerously: The Adventures of Merian C. Cooper, by Mark
Cotta Vaz. Surprising details about the man behind Kong and Cinerama.

-- The Lost One: A Life of Peter Lorre, by Stephen D. Youngkin. The
definitive biography of one of horror's most haunting figures.

-- Minds of Fear: 30 Cult Classics of the Modern Horror Film, by Calum
Waddell. Critiques and interviews analyze key films of recent decades.

-- Or write in another choice:

9. Best Magazine

-- Chiller Theatre
-- Cinema Retro
-- Cult Movies
-- Fangoria
-- Filmfax
-- G-FAN
-- Little Shoppe of Horrors
-- Midnight Marquee
-- Monster Bash
-- Monsters from the Vault
-- Phantom of the Movies VideoScope
-- Psychotronic
-- Rue Morgue
-- Shock Cinema
-- Scarlet Street
-- Scary Monsters
-- Starlog
-- Van Helsing's Journal
-- Video Watchdog
-- Or write in another choice:

10. Best Magazine Article of 2005 (PLEASE PICK TWO)

-- "Lord of the Blind Dead: The Lost Interview with Armano Ossorio,''
by Trevor Barley and Chris Alexander. RUE MORGUE #49.

-- "They Did Science! Dr. Paul Armstrong's Handy Guide to 50s Sci Fi
Heroes,'' by Larry Blamire, VIDEO WATCHDOG #120. Light-hearted look at
the actors who fought the monsters.

-- "Good News! Good News! The Making of the Mysterians,'' by Peter H.
Brothers, G-FAN #73. Includes rare production documents and photos.

-- "Our Skull Island Odyssey,'' by Bob Burns as told to Tom Weaver,
STARLOG #343. Recounting Bob's trip to New Zealand where he showed off
the original Kong armature, met Peter Jackson and ended up in the

-- "Universal's Other Monsters: A Legacy Written in Gauze, Claws and
Tana Leaves,'' by Bill Cooke, VIDEO WATCHDOG #118. Examines
film-by-film the Universal 'Legacy' collections.

-- "A Long Lost Lugosi Dracula Found'' by Frank J. Dello Stritto,
documents a performance of 'Dracula' in Vermont from the 50s. CULT

-- "The Magic of Menzies,'' by Vincent DiFate, FILMFAX #105-106. The
genius behind Things to Come and Thief of Bagdad and Invaders from

-- "Crimes Against Continuity: 35 Monstrous Mistakes (or at least some
irritating inconsistencies), as seen in Frankenstein,'' by Wray Ellis,
FILMFAX #106. How did that third shovel get there? And other mysteries.

-- "Memories of Janet Ann,'' by Dominic Florentino, SCARY MONSTERS #53.
Meeting a monster icon, Janet Ann Gallow from Ghost of Frankenstein, at
the Monster Bash.

-- "Edward and Obie: Reassessing the Partnership Between Two Dinosaur
Men,'' by William Fogg, FILMFAX #105. Revelatory look at the sometimes
strained relations between Willis O'Brien and the Ed Nassour during the
Beast of Hollow Mountain.

-- "Recollections of Simone,'' by Roy Frumkes, SCARLET STREET #54.
Comprehensive interview with iconic star of Cat People.

-- "The Complete Guide to 100 Alternative Horror Films,'' by Rod
Gudino, Chris Alexander and Jovanka Vuckovic, RUE MORGUE #50. From
classics to moderns, films you might have missed.

-- "The Ray Harryhausen UFO Effect: Earth vs. the Flying Saucers,'' by
Jack Hagerty. FILMFAX #105. Detailed look behind the classic invasion.

-- "The Making of Captain Clegg (aka Night Creatures),'' by Bruce G.
Hallenbeck, LITTLE SHOPPE OF HORRORS #17. On the set with Cushing and
others behind the Hammer classic.

-- "The Ferociously Compelling Barbara Steele in Nightmare Castle,'' by
David J. Hogan, MIDNIGHT MARQUEE #73/74. Shows how a minor film is
deeper than we might think.

-- "Don't Open the Coffin: A Baby Boomer's Adventure in the Land of
Dark Shadows,'' by Rod Labbe, SCARY MONSTERS #55. An extensive look
back at the horror soap, including numerous sidebars and cast

-- "24 Monsters Per Second: The DVD Voyage of Ray Harryhausen,'' by
Charlie Largent, VIDEO WATCHDOG #115. Detailed look at how Harryhausen
has fared on DVD.

-- "Shades of Renfield: Ten Buzzing Performances,'' by Tim Lucas, VIDEO
WATCHDOG #121. The author of The Book of Renfield reveals his favorite

-- "The Mystery of Lionel Atwill: An Interview with the Son of the Late
Great Horror Star,'' by Greg Mank, MONSTERS FROM THE VAULT #20. First
interview with Anthony Atwill about his father, growing up in
Hollywood, and the legacy of horror.

-- "Monstrous Musicals,'' by Alvin H. Marill, SCARLET STREET #53.
Unique survey of musical versions of the classic monsters, both famous
and obscure.

-- "Algol," by Henry Nicollela, VAN HELSING'S JOURNAL #6. Analyzes the
forgotten German silent fiction film.

-- "The Panther Women of the Island of Lost Souls,'' by Gary Don
Rhodes, MONSTERS FROM THE VAULT #20. Reveals the orchestration behind a
nationwide search for an actress to play the savage love interest

-- "Triffids on the March: from John Wyndham to the BBC,'' by David J.
Schow, VIDEO WATCHDOG #120. Everything you need to know about the
murderous walking plants.

-- "Frank Strayer: Poverty Row's Dark Director,'' by Kenny Strong,
MIDNIGHT MARQUEE #73/74. The man behind some of Hollywood's least
regarded films.

-- "The Horrific Cinema Heritage of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Part 2,''
by Tom Triman. JOURNAL OF FRANKENSTEIN #7. From film to radio and
television, Hyde in all his transformations.

-- "War Correspondent," Bill Warren interviews David Koepp,
screenwriter of War of the Worlds. STARLOG #336. Explains how much of
the Spielberg film derived from Wells' novel.

-- "Justice -- Lost in Space?,'' by Tom Weaver, MONSTERS FROM THE VAULT
#20. Traces Ib Melchior's battle with Irwin Allen over who came up with
the real Space Family Robinson.

-- "Character King Brad Dourif: From Cuckoo's Nest to Seed of Chucky,''
by Scott Voisin, VIDEOSCOPE #55 Career-spanning interview, including

-- Or write in another choice:

Remember to vote for two articles from the list above. One will win.

11. Best Magazine Cover of 2005 (You can find images of the covers at

-- Chiller Theatre #23
by Daniel Horne

-- Filmfax #105
by Harley Brown

-- Little Shoppe of Horrors #17
by Steve Karchin

-- Monster Bash #4
by Lorraine Bush

-- Midnight Marquee #73/74
by Sue Svehla

-- Monsters from the Vault #20
by Joe Schovitz

-- Rue Morgue #50
by Bob Tyrell

-- Scarlet Street #54
by Ted A. Bohus and Tom Amorosi

-- Scary Monsters #56
by Terry Beatty

-- Videoscope #53
by Kevin Hein

-- Video Watchdog #115
by Charlie Largent

-- Video Watchdog #120
by Charlie Largent

12. Best Website

-- Astounding B-Monster
-- A Tribute to Lon Chaney Jr. Yahoo Group
-- Brideofhouseofuniversal Yahoo Group
-- Creature from the Black Lagoon Yahoo Group
-- Creepy Classics
-- Dr. Gangrene's Chiller Cinema
-- DVD Drive-In
-- DVD Maniacs
-- DVD Savant
-- Eccentric-cinema
-- George 'E-Gor' Chastain's MonsterMad lab
-- Groovy Age of Horror
-- Horror-Wood Webzine
-- Latarnia: Fantastique International
-- Lugosiphilia Yahoo Group
-- Masters of Horror
-- Mobius Home Video Forum
-- Monster-Maniacs Forum
-- Professor Griffin's Midnight Shadow Show
-- Scarlet Street
-- Secret Fun Spot
-- Solar Guard Academy
-- Universal Monster Army Yahoo Group
-- Universal Steve
-- Video Watchblog
-- Or write in another choice:

13. Best Convention of 2005

-- CHILLER (Meadowlands)
-- FANEX (Baltimore)
-- G-FEST (Chicago)
-- HORROR-FIND (Baltimore)
-- MONSTER BASH (Butler, Pa.)
-- MONSTER-MANIA (Cherry Hill, N.J.)
-- SCREAMFEST (Ft. Lauderdale)
-- WONDERFEST (Louisville)
-- Or write in another choice:

14. Best Fan Event of 2005

-- Annual Blob panic reenactment of moviegoers fleeing, held at actual
theater where movie was filmed in Phoenixville, Pa. (Blobfest)

-- Dr. Gangrene's Chiller Theater Live! at WonderFest includes a
surprise -- and historic -- visit from Bob Burns dressed again in his
Tracey the Gorilla suit.

-- Frankenswine Trilogy by Brian Nichols and his fabulous Ghoul Girls
(who look suspiciously like his daughters!), is screened at the Monster

-- Godzilla: Final Wars is screened to more than a thousand fans at

-- Standing ovation for first-ever Nightmare on Elm Street cast
reunion, at Monster-Mania 4.

-- 30th Anniversary Presentation of Rocky Horror Picture Show, at the
Hollywood Bowl, the largest gathering ever to see the film.

-- Dan Roebuck revives the Spook Show, bringing Doctor Shocker and his
Hilarious Halloween Spooktacular to a theater in Glendale, Calif.

-- Dead Elvi joined by Bobby Boris Pickett and Zacherley for 'Monster
Mash' at Chiller Convention.

-- First cut of Terror in the Tropics is screened to fans at Fanex 18
in Baltimore.

15. Best CD of 2005

-- ATLANTIS THE LOST CONTINENT/THE POWER, original soundtracks, Film
Score Monthly
-- MARIO BAVA Original Soundtrack Anthology Vol. 1 and 2.
-- CAPRICORN ONE (Jerry Goldsmith), original soundtrack, Intrada
-- THE CREEPING CRUDS: The Incredibly Strange People Who Stopped Living
And Became the Creeping Cruds. Horror rock from Nashville, includes Dr.
Gangrene intro.
-- ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN, Burn Bright, Burn Fast, TKO Records. Horror
rock, cover by Gogos.
-- THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD (Dimitri Tiomkin), Film Score Monthly
-- THE TIME MACHINE (Russell Garcia), Film Score Monthly
-- Or write in another choice:

16. Best Horror Comic of 2005

-- Bigfoot by Steve Niles, Rob Zombie, Richard Corben (IDW)
-- The Black Forest #2 by Bob Tinnell, Todd Livingston and Neil Vokes.
-- Constantine: All His Engines, by Mike Carey (Vertigo)
-- The Faceless (A Terry Sharp Story) by Tinell and Adrian Salmon.
-- Frankenstein Now and Forever by Alex Baladi (Translation of Franch
graphic novel)
-- The Goon: Fancy Pants, by Eric Powell (Dark Horse)
-- The Man With the Screaming Brain, by Bruce Campbell (Dark Horse)
-- Phantom Jack by Mike San Giacomo
-- Spike: Old Times, by Peter David and Fernando Goni (IDW)
-- 30 Days of Night: Bloodsucker Tales (IDW)
-- The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard.

17. Best Model or Collectible

-- Classic TV Munsters (Mego)
-- Dollar Tree monster toys
-- Godzilla Christmas Ornament (Carlton Cards)
-- Metaluna Mutant (Sideshow)
-- Tingler (Ultratumba)
-- 'Tooned Up' Munster figures (Electric Tiki)
-- Universal Monsters village sets/figures (Hawthorne)
-- Wolf Man (1/4 scale, Sideshow)
-- Or write in another choice:

18. Count Alucard's Controversy of the Year

-- Borrowed words! British magazine THE DARK SIDE found to have printed
numerous DVD reviews lifted from online websites.

-- We're pixelated! New multi-movie DVDs, such as the Bela Lugosi and
Hammer collection, freeze up on some DVD players.

-- No billing! Boris Karloff's name does not appear on cover of
Universal's 'The Bela Lugosi Collection' even though he stars or
co-stars in four of the five films.

-- Going bats! National Film Museum's 'restored' VAMPIRE BAT, shown on
TCM, is found to contain inserts from another movie.

-- Dueling stuntmen! Who really doubled for the Monster in FRANKENSTEIN
MEETS THE WOLF MAN? Gil Perkins? Eddie Parker? Or both?

-- Or write in another choice:

19. Best DVD Company of 2005

-- Alpha Video: Great cover art for poverties and independents
-- Blue Underground: Euro horror.
-- Criterion: Still a class act.
-- Kino: Keeping silents alive.
-- MGM: What will follow Midnight Movies?
-- RetroMedia: Unexpected delights.
-- Universal: Repackaging the classics.
-- VCI: Targets classics and obscure serials.
-- Warner Bros: Brought us Kong, box sets.
-- Or write in another choice here:

20. Classic Most in Need of DVD Release

-- Chandu the Magician (Lowe/Lugosi)
-- Charlie Chan (Fox series)
-- Doctor X
-- Hangover Square
-- Incredible Shrinking Man
-- Inner Sanctum series (Chaney)
-- Island of Lost Souls
-- Judex
-- Jungle Woman trilogy
-- The Lodger
-- Mad Love
-- Man-Made Monster
-- Mark of the Vampire
-- Mask of Fu Manchu
-- Monolith Monsters
-- Murders in the Zoo
-- Secret of the Blue Room
-- Tarantula
-- Tarzan (RKO series)
-- Or write in another choice:

21. Writer of the Year

Who did the best work in 2005 to advance the state of classic horror
research. Write-ins only.


Who deserves to be named 'Monster Kid of the Year' for efforts beyond
the call of duty to build a better world of gods and monsters? (Past
winners: Arnold Kunert, who got Ray Harryhausen his star on Hollywood
Walk of Fame, and Larry Blamire, the mad scientist behind Lost Skeleton
of Cadavra).


Who are the all-time 'Monster Kids' who should be this year's inductees
into the Monster Kid Hall of fame?
Already inducted are: Bob and Kathy Burns, Forrest J Ackerman and James
Warren, Zacherley and Vampira, Ray Harryhausen, Ray Bradbury, Alex and
Richard Gordon, William K. Everson and Rick Baker.

And that's it!!!

Simply email your choices to David Colton before
Saturday night at midnight, Feb. 17.

All votes require a name -- to avoid voting campaigns -- but are kept
strictly anonymous.

And anyone who sends along a street address will get an 'I Voted' Rondo
pin as an appreciation. Absolutely free.

Thanks again for being part of the Fourth Annual Rondo Hatton Classic
Horror Awards. Find out all about the Rondos -- including lists of past
winners -- at

Or, as Rondo once explained, 'She screamed.'


Marky Mark said...

Amazing. I (usually) hate Speilberg and I (usually) hate Tom Cruise, but I have to say WOTW is the best movie on that sad list. Maybe Corpse Bride, but I doubt it. I haven't seen it yet. It's probably beautiful animation, but not really a great movie. Come to think of it, that "rain of blood" nonsense could have been left out of WOTW. Was that true to the book? Or was that a Spielbergism? Well, anyway, it still beats the shit outa all those other losers. Can I write in "In Her Shoes"?

Actually, ya know, Tom Cruise is really a good actor. He is just an annoying human being and he plays some really jerk roles. But you gotta admit he can emote.

And finally, I must tip the scales back to your side: Fire Walk With Me sux.

SRBissette said...

Write-in vote: Charles Burns' BLACK HOLE for best horror comic. The others don't even come close.

The "rain of blood" wasn't in the book. Nor was the crap ending (family reunited) or, well, most of the protagonist-driven (Cruise & family) narrative. Still, that ferry-boat sequence was a corker; I'll take the Byron Haskin/George Pal 1953 adaptation any day. CORPSE BRIDE was grand fun, one of the year's highlights -- but WALLACE & GROMIT gets my vote!